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999 Lives

Tennessee England: Book Two

Everything comes back.

Demon-wrangling mortician Tennessee England plays detective. When a corpse shows signs of foul play, Tennessee’s on the case! Cats are missing. People are drowning. Could the cozy beach town of Saint James have a cat-nabbing serial killer in its midst?

Catching a killer should be as easy as embalming a corpse, right? Wrong. The town is stewing in mystical mayhem. It’s infested with demons! And the culprit is hiding in a sea of quirky locals.

Then there’s Doctor Phillip Saint James, the ex-boyfriend, analyzing Tennessee’s bizarre shenanigans with her hot new boyfriend. Under Phillip’s watchful eye and iron thumb, it’s tough keeping her supernatural secrets.

Between sleuthing and skirting disasters, Tennessee has no time for love. Still, she longs for love lost and hungers for adventure with someone new.

Will Tennessee finally listen to her heart? Or will she stumble into a killer’s grasp?

Disa really sharpens the tip of the trocar in this one!! It was satisfying to see the accuracy and depth of research woven into this light urban fantasy series!
— Jane Beaston, Funeral Director/Embalmer Apprentice (Ret.)