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Cover Design by J Caleb @

Cover Design by J Caleb @

Of Water and Sky

The Seekin Trilogy: Book One

Love awakens destiny in this genre-bending supernatural adventure!

Awaken one...awaken them all.

Insomniac Piper Laurel focuses on the simple things, the feel-good things. She likes her coffee black, her wine cheap, and her men gone by morning. But when her last living relative dies, she must confront the feel-bad things. She’s the last Laurel, she’s almost thirty, and she’s completely alone.

 When she returns to her sleepy seaside hometown, her ex is still as yummy as ever, and a familiar-seeming stranger is also there to tug at her heartstrings. But a love triangle isn’t the only thing waiting for her. The immortal Anik has spent centuries plotting to claim the last Laurel—and a lot of innocent souls in the bargain.

 To survive Anik and the Realm Wars, Piper must forget her version of reality and awaken to her destiny as a Seekin, Guardian of Souls. With two men vying for her heart and hellhounds on her heels, Piper must decide who she trusts and who she loves while embracing her destiny with her eyes wide open.

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Of Ash and Snow

The Seekin Trilogy: Book Two

Sleeping among beasts...

Available 2020

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Of Souls and Stone

The Seekin Trilogy: Book Three

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The Tennessee England series is Disa's go-to guilty pleasure. This series is kinda like eating chocolate espresso ice cream while sipping a double shot espresso.

Cover Design by J Caleb @

Cover Design by J Caleb @

Stone Cold Mortal

A Tennessee England Novel: Book One

Mortician Tennessee England lives to honor the dead. But a slow season means she’s back freelancing as a party planner. Doctor Phillip Saint James warns the stress might worsen her cerebral aneurysm, causing all sorts of mystifying symptoms.

To her disgust, he’s right. She’s been hallucinating a sexy ghost samurai all damn day. Or has she? His icy touch on the nape of her neck feels awfully real! So do his dire warnings that she must choose a side: mortal or immortal.

Ghost or not, Tennessee knows how to make a problem, and a body, disappear. But when thrust face-to-face with her paranormal stalker, she confronts a bizarre new reality. Her hallucination is real! And so are demons…

Shackled by circumstance, Tennessee wrangles overprotective friends and a spirited love triangle as she learns the dangerous trade of demon recall. She doesn’t have time to die. She’s got a Santa to hire, a corpse to eulogize, and a hot ghost boyfriend to keep away from her doting doctor.

Will she survive long enough to celebrate Christmas? Will she succumb to a demon’s deadly deal? Or will she follow her doctor’s orders?

999 Lives

Tennessee England: Book Two

Everything comes back.

Demon-wrangling mortician Tennessee England plays detective. When a corpse shows signs of foul play, Tennessee’s on the case! Cats are missing. People are drowning. Could the cozy beach town of Saint James have a cat-nabbing serial killer in its midst?

Catching a killer should be as easy as embalming a corpse, right? Wrong. The town is stewing in mystical mayhem. It’s infested with demons! And the culprit is hiding in a sea of quirky locals.

Then there’s Doctor Phillip Saint James, the ex-boyfriend, analyzing Tennessee’s bizarre shenanigans with her hot new boyfriend. Under Phillip’s watchful eye and iron thumb, it’s tough keeping her supernatural secrets.

Between sleuthing and skirting disasters, Tennessee has no time for love. Still, she longs for love lost and hungers for adventure with someone new.

Will Tennessee finally listen to her heart? Or will she stumble into a killer’s grasp?

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Iron Crossed

Tennessee England: Book Three

The gloves are off.

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Fruit Bats in the Belfry

Tennessee England: Book Four


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Love Thy Demon

Tennessee England: Book Five

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