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In this revolutionary debut novel, Disa Dawn has created a heroine filled with fire and destiny, a heroine for our times.
— Dawn Thompson, Portland Women Writers

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Of Water and Sky

The Seekin Trilogy: Book One

Of Water and Sky is a sweeping romance, a supernatural adventure meant to be read with a bottle of wine. Preferably, cheap Chianti.

Awaken one...awaken them all.

Insomniac Piper Laurel focuses on the simple things, the feel-good things. She likes her coffee black, her wine cheap, and her men gone by morning. But when her last living relative dies, she must confront the feel-bad things. She’s the last Laurel, she’s almost thirty, and she’s completely alone.

 When she returns to her sleepy seaside hometown, her ex is still as yummy as ever, and a familiar-seeming stranger is also there to tug at her heartstrings. But a love triangle isn’t the only thing waiting for her. The immortal Anik has spent centuries plotting to claim the last Laurel—and a lot of innocent souls in the bargain.

 To survive Anik and the Realm Wars, Piper must forget her version of reality and awaken to her destiny as a Seekin, Guardian of Souls. With two men vying for her heart and hellhounds on her heels, Piper must decide who she trusts and who she loves while embracing her destiny with her eyes wide open.


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Of Water and Sky is a captivating, action-packed romance! It’s fun, sexy, and visually thought-provoking. I feel a little lost now that I am done reading it. It’s a great novel! I can’t wait to read the entire series!
— Joan Meyer, singer-songwriter, Jessie Rae jessierae.com
In this revolutionary debut novel, Disa Dawn has created a heroine filled with fire and destiny, a heroine for our times. Of Water and Sky reminds us that each of us has a calling hidden in the mysterious terrain of our soul. This novel takes us through unexpected gateway after unexpected gateway into the powerful realms of miracle and imagination. The writing is poetic, intelligent, gripping, full of heart and humor. The characters are simply unforgettable.
— Dawn Thompson, Portland Women Writers
Disa wrote a good portion of this book while sitting in our coffee shop. I was honored to preview this awesome book. I loved it!
— Shirley Sacha, owner of Kalama Koffee Co. and avid reader
...invites you to peak in to true love, deep friendships and adventures of supernatural world. Strong Women Characters and Men. It has just enough humor and balance of emotions that you fall in love with the characters. It is truly one of those books you get hooked on and can’t put down. Really looking forward to the sequel. Applause to the Author….
— Amazon Customer, Five Star Review
An awesome read! I loved this book! A few pages in and I didn’t want to stop. The characters are great and I loved how the story unfolded. The writing is beautiful and really helped me to step into this new world. Can’t wait for the next book!
— Leia L., Amazon Five Star Review
Fabulous Read! Wonderfully written, so descriptive! I loved Piper and being able to be inside her head. I can’tell wait for the next book!
— Cheryl L'Ecuyer, Barnes and Noble Five Star Review
Five Stars! I would recommend this book to anyone who wants to get lost in great story.
— Stephanie, Amazon Five Star Review
When I put away “Of Water And Sky” for the final time, I felt like I had just read a story of a family and friends reunion, filled with perennial loves and feuds, as a page out the ancient Greek myths that stand the test of time.
Sleepless beauty living in a small, lost, forgotten realm seeking the love for “her heart never set right” and connection to the lost loved family members, firstly her father. This story made it happen for her, so that in one moment “everyone who should be present was”. However, the way to make it was very difficult and complicated. To find true awakening, to change destiny, she mind-traveled to fight and free herself, her unborn son, and the realm from everlasting evil willing to sabotage, betray, and destroy everyone for personal gain. Using hidden portals for protection she is supported by many, some supernatural, some shape-changing, or difficult to recognize character, like who is or what is Fourth Soul.
Some supernatural abilities are necessary to complete the quest – not in the least to resolve the everlasting quandary of a love triangle. When trying to strengthen her relationship, but feelings in a moment spiral out of control, she can simply disappear in the mist. But, in the game of Love you can not beat Destiny. The uniqueness of each love shines through the pet names: for Reggie she is Laurel; for Matthew Pepper; for her father simply Pippi.

This fairy tale is easy to read and never lets you feel bored. Its rich vocabulary captures the attention and lets sentences unravel with a poetic frenzy, pulling you to the end or begging of Disa’s new book: Of Ash and Snow. Good is victorious tonight; tomorrow Evil would attack again.
— Jospi A., Amazon Five Star Review