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Stone Cold Mortal

A Tennessee England Novel: Book One

Mortician Tennessee England lives to honor the dead. But a slow season means she’s back freelancing as a party planner. Doctor Phillip Saint James warns the stress might worsen her cerebral aneurysm, causing all sorts of mystifying symptoms.

To her disgust, he’s right. She’s been hallucinating a sexy ghost samurai all damn day. Or has she? His icy touch on the nape of her neck feels awfully real! So do his dire warnings that she must choose a side: mortal or immortal.

Ghost or not, Tennessee knows how to make a problem, and a body, disappear. But when thrust face-to-face with her paranormal stalker, she confronts a bizarre new reality. Her hallucination is real! And so are demons…

Shackled by circumstance, Tennessee wrangles overprotective friends and a spirited love triangle as she learns the dangerous trade of demon recall. She doesn’t have time to die. She’s got a Santa to hire, a corpse to eulogize, and a hot ghost boyfriend to keep away from her doting doctor.

Will she survive long enough to celebrate Christmas? Will she succumb to a demon’s deadly deal? Or will she follow her doctor’s orders?

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Disa Dawn’s heroines are grounded and gritty, despite their supernatural abilities; we can hear echoes of both our real-life struggles and our fantasies in Tennessee England’s battles with not only demons but bratty children, nosy neighbors, her hair, and the adoring men who can’t quite seem to tame this wild woman.
— Noelle Picara, Monster Piano Artist
Like Stars Hollow meets Twin Peaks!
— Shéa MacLeod, author of the bestselling Sunwalker Saga
Fiercely imaginative! Vivid in personality and place. A positive, powerful tale of the connections we all have.
— Joan Meyer, Singer/Songwriter
I LOVE LOVE LOVE this novel! Can’t wait to see what’s next for our heroine. If you’re looking for a great read, you will not be disappointed. A witty, stubborn, and strong young lady is what you will find and fall in love with.
— Ilene Payne, BookBub: 5 stars
A great read with amazing characters that I completely love - Tennessee, Godzilla, Sho, Saint James and more. Tennessee with her heart of gold and wanting all for everyone but herself…you can’t help but want to cheer her on to victory. Totally love the island references (red rice, Santa Marian Kamalen, ...). Can’t wait to see what other adventures she goes on.
— Kalina Diaz, BookBub: 5 stars
Fun, funky, and exciting...This book was fun from start to finish! I fell in love with the characters, and I can’t wait for the next book. This quirky story has a great balance of heart, sassy humor, and suspense. I don’t normally read books that have anything to do with demons because they tend to creep me out, but this is no horror story. The author manages to weave a magical tale that combines friendship, love, and demon-slaying in perfect proportion while highlighting the beauty and humor that can be found in everyday life (and even in death). Two thumbs way up!!
— Judy, Amazon: 5 stars
Great book must read series!

OMG! Absolutely loved this book! Great characters that developed really well throughout the book. Loved all the ancillary characters and their quirks. Because this was an unusual story with different but relatable people I rwally can’t say enough how much I enjoyed it. Loved all the nuances in it too. It had everything in it, drama,comedy,action,paranormal activity, randomness, animals,children,family,friends,lovers, etc Wow! What more could you adk for..... MORE please!! Idid receive this as an ARC but I’m going to buy the paperback as it’s a many reads type of book!!
— Tracey Hogan, Amazon AU: 5 Stars
Disa Dawn kicks off her supernatural Tennessee England series with a richly diverse cast and amusing local color.…an intriguing story of demon war, a cross-cultural ghost romance, and imminent death from an aneurysm….

Dawn’s prose is lively, vital, funny, inventive, and free of cliché. The dialogue has snap and bite, and the eventual demon-slaying is shrewdly, comically gross and gory.…

Dawn excels at the element of surprise. Her demonology is pleasingly weird, as are the cast, the character motivations, and the situations in which Tennessee and the soulless ghost samurai to which she is “tethered” get caught up. The set-up, conclusion, and action are exciting and unpredictable.

An 80s-obsessed small town mortician who makes ends meet tending to the whims of a pair of spoiled rich kids, Tennessee England is a singular and entertaining creation, dishing her thoughts on Judy Blume and Jessica Fletcher even as the demons set in. Her diverse roster of family, friends, employers, and exes likewise are drawn with inventive vigor, and their chatter is charming and funny….
— The BookLife Prize
I liked the fact that the author has thought up a different spin on the very “samey” genre of “demons”. The story gripped me very quickly and I read it in just two sitting over 24 hours. There were a couple of sub plots that were not completely explained fully ......the main one was regarding causes of memory loss and regain. The character building was good and the majority of characters were well written. I would read another book in this series and any other this author has or will write. “I received this book for free from eBook Discovery. I voluntarily post this review. This is my honest review.” Keep them coming Ms Dawn.
— K. Gibson, Amazon UK: 4 stars
Surprisingly entertaining read
It started as a normal story of a bit strange group of characters with interesting quirks and a dog.
It read nicely and easily and then a real, real twist!
A guardian, demons, a destiny as a demon slayer and whatever you thought of Tennessee England was turned into a series of adventures, turns and the magic of it all!
I received a complimentary copy of the book from the author via Voracious Readers.
— Siyka N Mincheva, Amazon: 4 Stars
What a different type of Demon killer in this story. Most intriguing from the first to the last that leaves you wanting to know what happens next. From demons like twins that are just very naughty children and not true Demon’s to true Demon’s that have to be killed in unusual ways.

If Tennessee with the help of Sho can kill enough Demons she could live to a ripe old age and that’s a big ask.

I received this book free from Ebook discovery. I voluntary review this book. This is my honest review.
— Linda Fairburn, Amazon UK: 3 stars